Using Online Marketing Research and Adwords Strategy in Niche SEM

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "adwords"Making money online has, in a sense, never been easier. More people will be shopping online, and there is more intelligence into how to identify those that are ready to buy as opposed to those that are ‘just looking’.

However, the real money is in uncovering instances where the niche has yet to be fully exploited, and where a constant stream of buyers is available, and outstrips the ability of the current movers and shakers to deliver what they require.

These so-called ‘Under Exploited Mass Market Niches’ are incredibly hard to find, and quite rare. A marketer could well live of a few of these per year, rather than trying to pull in revenue from a collection of less well paying niches.

Finding an Under Exploited Mass Market Niche

Unlike other keyword research and niche identification methods, there are very few measurable criteria that can be applied when trying to find a niche that is currently under exploited. This means that, in the absence of hard and fast measures to indicate potential success, choosing a niche that has a future is reduced to niche specific knowledge, and the good old-fashioned hunch.

The marketer should, nonetheless, be always on the lookout for the next big thing. Sometimes, breaking a single market can provide revenue for a year, or even for life. For examples, look at social networking sites such as Bebo, or Twitter.

There are some things that can be done, however, to reduce the field to a collection of probables. For example, AdWords Advertiser profiling can be used to detect growth areas.

As always, the marketer should be looking for a profile:

  • Low advertiser competition in a micro-niche;
  • Above-average CPC when compared to the parent niche;
  • High page placement for adverts;
  • Increasing search demand.

The reader is free to set their own thresholds in this; gut feeling ought to indicate what they might be for a given niche/micro-niche. The first two items should be taken in conjunction with each other – low competition and high CPC can indicate a saturated adspace. This can be checked by verifying with a quick Google search the number of sites that contain content related to the niche.

The third item is self-explanatory, and the fourth relates to the little graph in the AdWords Keyword Tool that shows the search volume by month. A steadily increasing value, with zero values following it can be an indication of rising demand, but it is by no means definitive.

Otherwise, it’s niche knowledge that will reveal these gaps in the market, and the avid marketer may only find one per year, so it is a question of making the discovery pay off.

Make Money Fast from Niche Marketing

The days of making money from onsite advertising (banner adverts) is long gone. Payment is now for action, and not just exposure, and this article has tried to convey a reliable method for identifying search marketing techniques that fit into this content creation paradigm. Link building services sell like a hot cake just about in any niche.

It is possible to make a healthy living as an affiliate. It’s just a question of understanding, and applying, the principles that have been discussed here.

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