Matthew David Parker’s Achievements

Matthew David Parker is a professional Salsa dance instructor and is the founder and owner of the Lafayette Salsa Dance Studio founded in 2010. He has also done photography in his starting days which has helped him to achieve the glory in the professional photography world. He has done many types of photography on various stages which got popular and made him famous all around the US. He has earned a degree of bachelors in fine arts from Louisiana State University in 2009. After earning his degree and a year later, he immediately went to start a dance studio of his own and as started working as a professional salsa dance instructor.

He is the founder as well as the owner of the dance studio. His dance studio is the only one of a kind studio located in Lafayette. Now, Lafayette has one of the finest Latin sensual dance instructors of all time. He provides salsa dance lessons to most of the people living around the area. It was his childhood dream to have a dance studio of its own. He was always ready to help those people who wished to learn Salsa dance. He is a proud father of two sons and lives in the outskirts of Lafayette along with his wife, children and other family members.

Since the studio has been launched, Matthew has worked very hard to make his studio well popular and known all around the world. After hard work and lots of practices, he has placed his dance studio in the top list of all the dance studios present in the US. Apart from dancing and photography, he also loves to enjoy some time with his sons, wife and family. He loves to travel a lot with his entire family and often do fishing whenever they have some spare time with themselves.

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